What We Do

EEMB designs, develops and manufactures high-technology UPS for industry and specialized applications. We also provide integrated tailor made solutions to various field.

Our advantages

BBM integrates the latest technology and systematic management to constantly improve its manufacturing system and provide state of the art products to exceed customer expectations both in quality and price. Our ongoing commitment to research and development provides our distributors and OEM customers with innovative and reliable products at reasonable prices.

Our Mission:

To maintain our position as a market leader of innovative technologies, the company has the 5 commitments to our customers:
1) Provide state of-the-art products with world class technology
2) Supply high quality goods at competitive prices
3) Arranging prompt and cost efficient delivery
4) Tailor made OEM & ODM service to fulfill customer's unique needs
5) Aiming at customer's full satisfaction
BBM is proud of its growth and reputation based on professional dedication. We are greatly honored to be a partner in our customers' success by offering them flexible solutions.

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